Related Services

Design-Vizualizace provides architectural design rendering, visualization of interiors and exteriors, and animation for home building purposes. These services ensure that our clients’ ideas and designs are realistically and effectively rendered using the best technological tools available in graphics and animation today. We offer tailored solutions for every client, and we provide reasonable rates depending on the type of service, the level of detail, and the required realism. Our years of experience in this industry allow us to also offer the following additional services for our clients.

Architectural Design and Construction Consulting

Our team of architects and consultants help our clients maximize the full potential of a construction project. We can perform feasibility studies which will help a client determine if a given project is feasible before they begin construction or purchase a specific real estate property. We can also help you perform a building survey to identify any potential weaknesses or issues. We will accurately conduct the survey and build a precise model of the space. Our consultants can also assist you in obtaining construction permits and navigating through the zoning process.

Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling or BIM refers to a complex, 3D model-based process which allow architecture, engineering, and construction professional efficiently plan, design, manage, and construct building projects. We have worked with clients who are working on projects involving highly intricate and complex geometry with a considerable amount of building data. We can perform a wide range of BIM services, from transferring CAD to Revit to handling an entire document set.

Real Estate Marketing

If you are a real estate agent, real estate developer, or property owner, we can help you build the tools necessary for you to sell your property. We can help you build a website on the platform of your choice. We can also help you develop your media resources, create your logo, and provide all your graphic design and company branding needs. We also provide photography services, including drone photography. Our photographers will set up our top-of-the-line drone photography equipment in your property, and capture as many photos as you need.