3D Visualization and Interior Design

Interior design has undergone a dramatic transformation in the past decade due, mostly, to the advancements made in 3D visualization technology. In the past, a client meeting involved several hand-drawn renderings of the outline for the interior design. Sample materials such as fabric or paint were also considered and compared with one another to determine which design scheme works best. In the end, the client would only have a vague idea of what the finished product is supposed to look like.

Today, however, 3D rendering software has made it possible for interior designers to demonstrate their skill and vision with a level of realism and ease that mere illustrations and hand-drawn plans cannot.

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Easier Adjustments and Revisions

One of the best benefit of 3D rendering for interior design is the ability of the interior designer to make changes almost instantly. It reduces the time that interior designers have to spend in making adjustments for new customer requests or in correcting errors. Traditional interior design renderings require a lot more time to correct or revise. Hand-drawn illustrations are not just limited in their ability to accurately showcase your vision, they are also cumbersome. By contrast, 3D renderings are quick and easy to use and revise. Some 3D rendering software are even capable of indicating the precise brand of appliance or furniture for a more accurate representation of the plan.

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Virtual Reality

The next level that comes after 3D animations is augmented reality. This offers a new depth to your vision and design that provides your clients with the ability to visualize it in its entirety. Your client can do a walkthrough of the designed space in the real world. This is a similar technology to the ones used by Snapchat or Pokemon Go. It will allow your client a more photorealistic visualization of a room since he could see in full-scale if a piece fits within the space. This, in turn, would accelerate the decision-making process. It will also save your clients a lot of money since they can easily determine if changes are necessary before the actual implementation of the design is deployed.

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